Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Lucy Myers and Exopolitics

My Great Grandmother's name was Lucy Myers. She was a lovely old soul and I enjoyed visiting her on my own as a young lad to listen to her stories about life in the later Victorian/early Edwardian period of England. I'd heard she had a tough streak as a mother though I never saw anything but sweetness. A tired soul who wanted nothing more than to 'finish up her time here'. 

She had started life as a maid and after two world wars and retirment enjoyed a bit of gardening in her 90's but once she was too infirm for that, was more than eager to move on to the next stage of her existence. Whatever that may be as we never discussed it. We did however discuss that the sort of entertainment provided at visiting fairs during her childhood, were lead balls filled with water which could be purchased squeezed for fun before returning. I've never forgotten that something so simple could be the source of amusement in a our age of high velocity, uber-violent, real time and networked electronic gaming.

The reason I speak about Great Grandma is that when she died in my home town of Southampton, I made the mistake of carelessly speaking on the phone to my Sister in London where we both lived. Being a bit pragmatic about these things even though I had been very fond of Great Grandma I simply shared the news in about three words and my sister promptly broke down and cried. Later on my mother pointed out to me that I'd been insensitive and that there was a need to soften things up a bit and prepare someone for unexpected news. In my psychology this is not a good thing as by the time people get to spitting something I've parsed through a hundred times more permutations of possible surprising or shocking news than it appears other people are capable of and so I just prefer it straight up. No matter how surprising, upsetting, crazy or odd it really is.

There is a considerable section of the population who believe that anything really momentous and important is going to be announced in the Rose Garden of the Whitehouse to the Whitehouse Press Corp. That isn't actually the way it works if anybody has been paying attention to Wikileaks. We're no more treated like adults capable of handling the truth than the children we rear on a diet of small to disgraceful lies on every subject from sex education to the nature of Father Christmas ( a story worth exploring given its Shamanistic roots). If the news is really momentous it is leaked first hand. Whether willingly or unwillingly. Government never really govern if indeed they ever really have since the end of the Second Sorld War. (See military industrial complex for more on that subject).

The Vatican made a curious announcement during the Pope's visit to the UK regarding their their recognition of the right of aliens to be baptised. A matter not without importance given that it's only the sons of Adam who can enter the Kingdom of God. It's also worth noting that the institutions most at risk of losing authority are the top down hierarchical religions who seemingly are the least spiritual institutions on the planet.

Then it's always worth noting that the most respected and oldest science institution on the planet have begun to discuss what to do if extra terrestrial life is an impending realisation on our species. Regrettably the Royal Society still assumes people use internet explorer which might explain why they are on the same page as corporate owned media when it comes to stunning scientific revelations of this nature.

Then there's Dr Stephen Hawking the most famous and respected space cowboy on the planet recently warning us that we should hide from aliens as they may not be friendly. An idea so preposterous given the striking blue visibility of our planet and our current inability to manoeuvre it out of sight, that it fully matches the heights of his recent quantum and relativity work which finally concludes that God could exist, but scientifically doesn't need to. Silly billy.

The  latest addition to institutional approval of contemplative mystery (a mode of thinking strictly disapproved of till it's approved) is the emergence of a United Nations ambassador for Space in the shape of astrophysicist Mazlan Othlan of Malaysia. The selection of a national from a country that few people can pin point on a map to greet any alien life in an official capacity on behalf of planet Earth says bundles about the trust that currently exists with the most powerful people on Earth who usually get first dibbs at moments of history. It may well be the case that any future visitors have already shown their contempt for our traditional leaders.

Then there's the gossip that Hillary Clinton's urgent reconvening of 250 United States ambassadors back to the U.S. is to prepare the world for a radical shift in world politics. In the photo linked she is convening with Rockefeller back in 1995 and allegedly was gifted a book on aliens in Earth's history called "Are we Alone" by Paul Davies.

But the real clincher that encouraged me to come off the fence and suggest that we are about to be in for some hard core unlearning (i.e taken off the teat of government information) is that BUSINESS is being briefed at $4000 a ticket about alien business potential. In a recent summit of the Global Competitiveness Forum in Riyadh where former British and Canadian Prime Ministers, Tony Blair and Jean Chretien; Jim Albaugh, President and CEO of Boeing; Andy Bird, chairman of Walt Disney International; Jared Cohen, Director of Google ideas, and many others were told about evidence of UFOs and ET life. In short, world business leaders were told that flying saucers were real and that the advanced technology of extraterrestrial civilizations made possible a special kind of UFO for astute entrepreneurs – Unprecedented Financial Opportunities. A mystery participant to the GCF was former U.S. President Bill Clinton who spoke about advanced energy systems that await international development. A point not lost on the Saudi Arabian Government no doubt and possibly the reason for such an odd place to discuss the matter.

It's worth reviewing the videos I posted a short while back on unidentified activity over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Again, I only know they are lights but they act like nothing I've seen before and if the rumours of reverse engineered technology tucked away in the military industrial complex are true or even if we admit the record of false flag operations by Goverment is's hard to know what it is. I'm happy to call that instance an mystery but for the bulk of this post? You heard it here first but could have heard it earlier from Freeman.

Update: Islam is joining in the fun.