Saturday, 30 July 2011

Are Crop Circles Information Warfare?

There are many levels to desconstructing the information tiers of crop formations such as sacred geometry, location, timing and these need to be interwoven with the consistent themes of DNA, magnetism, field shift and so on. There's plenty of solid work on the subject on the net, but one hypothesis I have is that the genius of crop circles is at one level it's benevolent propaganda aimed at nature loving human beings i.e. 'we're here, we're non interventionist, non confrontational, natural, intelligent, sustainable, concerned and don't trust your leadership to have private dialogue'. (Given the proximity of radio telescopes they often form close to).

But on the other side it's also like symbolism warfare. There's a level of disinformation going with MI5 having a hand in making some of these crop formations  thus muddying the waters. We also don't know what technology they have hidden away to do so.

What makes this Devizes crop formation so interesting to me is the proximity to the alien smoking the pipe of peace one a few days ago. Both are unusual and rely on known visual identities that are open to interpretation, but this all seeing eye above as emblazoned on the dollar bill and representing the dominance of masonic influence is also a Vesica Piscis notably framed within the triangle and so I'm not sure who made it. I do believe it's purpose is to unsettle one of my hypothetical sides. I wonder if there's an underground military base near Devizes in Wiltshire?

BINGO. Just did a search and there's an underground based at RAF Rudloe Manor near Corsham. I'd be watching that space closely.