Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Vesica Piscis

Intrigued by George's raving about the Vesica Piscis  that I wasn't sure how to spell, I did a search and ended up back on Charles Gilchrist's sacred geometry videos again.

That's where I learned about the 2 dimensional to three dimensional transfiguration potential of Metatron's cube, which blew me away as it leads to all those platonic solids and more. To quote Joe Biden 'it's a big fucking deal'.

However the essence of all this action is at the Vesica Pisces explained as ever with gusto by Charles in his excellent videos. I guess the original 2D universe was a perfect circle at the beginning and the end, which ties in with the perfect uniformity that astrophysicists can't quite explain at big bang but without which they can't explain anything further. The design in this universe is extraordinary and it unravels profoundly no matter how deep or how wide the lens goes. Which is why it's worth refusing to ignore those crop circles I've written extensively about and which I've just discovered quite a few of you "Facebook liked". Thank you. That's very flattering.