Monday, 20 June 2011

The Only Evil With Mushrooms Is Not Taking Enough - Terence McKenna

I'm uploading some of the more obscure Terence McKenna talks I have to my Youtube account after conversion from MP3 to video files. The one above is McKenna talking to a small group and is simply prophetic if you're plugged in to some of the macro changes that the edges are now in full chatter-mode about. 

By that I mean if you only soak in mainstream media including movies, news, press and radio, it's unlikely you'll grasp what is being said at all.

To overcome that it's crucial to consume information that makes you uncomfortable, that inverts your reality and tests your sanity. Either that or take sacred medicines like psilocybin mushrooms and don't dilly dally on the dose. It's five dried grammes or you're wasting your time.

The last alternative is 20 years of sweeping the ashram floor, or meditation and I'm afraid we don't have 20 years. Last train for that gig was back in the 90's. Nobody told me either.