Wednesday, 29 June 2011

John Lash - The Gnostics (Meta-history)

Until this interview I was still unclear what exactly the Gaia/Sophia story was really about, and here John Lash explains it clearly. There are some differences but it's not unlike the idea of Pandeism (once again) except for the notion of our living planet as a god in much the same way that we are too. John is a real scholar of lots of inter threaded topics such as gnosticism, shamanism, myth and psychopharmacology. His technical vocabulary is intimidating though he explains every new word introduced. There's also a full explanation of the organic light in this interview, and I finally discovered that the connection is made through the use of sacred medicines such as psilocybin or ayahusca. Great interview if you can spare the time and are inclined to learn more.

I've yet to encounter a single reviewer who hasn't highly praised John Lash's best selling  Gnosticism book 'Not in his image'.