Saturday, 11 June 2011

Mehran Keshe

Remember that Iranian developed UFO story a while back portrayed by FOX as tinfoil hat country? Listen to the interview by Red Ice Creations above with nuclear engineer Mehran Keshe about his development of Plasma Reactor technology now applying for patents and see if you can pick out anything that rings true for you. 

I imagine Keshe's got some political client considerations to consider with what he can say pubicly, but there's a few things that stand out for me. He says NASA called him up whining they've got 7-8000 thousand "boys" in propulsion-technology jobs to maintain. This fits in with the whole breakaway civilisation technology-split model as well as the hubris of a country that was the last to realise General Motors and Chrysler were irrelevant to the world. Could the same psychological and innovation malaise exist at NASA? They've just shut down their shuttle programme. That fits with my assertion that the age of jet propulsion is over.

Secondly Mehran Keshe says that Iran will never fly to the moon because its sacred, and that they will be on Mars before the U.S. I guess he doesn't know about that breakaway civilisation thing but it's the sort of odd statement that rings true if one was confident of success.

The Iranian flying saucer is called Zohal which is Iranian for Saturn. I've got LOTS to say about Saturnalia including the Nazi/American partnership which is why I've used the Dr Strangelove photo above with the Saturn Ring above his head. This is a fascinating story and you can bet your rapidly bottoming dollar that calling it Zohal is a chubby middle finger to the U.S. 

Remember 'new energy' if you heard it here first. The corporate media will be the last to report it as their quarterly reports will take a hammering for telling the truth. The sheep will start to realise the duplicity and become annoyed that the real X factor isn't on TV. Que Sera Sera.