Monday, 13 June 2011

Dr Karla Turner Ph.D - Military Connections To Alien Abductions

Dr Karla Turner's testimony is lucid, comprehensive, super intelligent and gutsy in that down to earth way I admire very much and find time and again with U.S. women from the southern states. 

She paid for those qualities with her life. 

The military really don't like it when someone clever, witty and articulate starts to nail their game bit by bloody psychopathic bit. Generally speaking when discussing the hidden alien connections to the military the stories are an obscenity to humanity with negative  psychologies working closely together on agendas that have only contempt for the rest of us.

You should honour Dr Karla Turner's memory with at least an attempt to hear her findings out. She mentions that she did her American Studies Master degree at Nottingham University and says the English take on her country was a whole lot different than the one she was raised with. 

Not that I trust either country as far as I could throw them. My flag is in the trash where it belongs.