Thursday, 30 June 2011

Budd Hopkins - Lecture On the Alien Abduction Phenomenon

I'm confident that if I had come to the subject of alien abduction more than five years ago I'd have rejected it totally, burned out like many finer minds than I, or even more damaging, reached a premature conclusion and developed one of those fixed minds that is too certain for it's own good. Instead I came to the subject with lots of good information and video testimonies on the internet and an awful lot of context, swilling around the planetary hive mind.

I love Terence McKenna's work but it's likely he never took enough DMT to step into the Bardot and his analysis of alien proctologists from Zeta Reticuli prevented me from taking the subject seriously till I'd worked my way through all the safe stuff. So even heroes make mistakes but we can forgive him for not being perfect.

I don't know what the statistics are like now (I hope it's diminished massively) but there's a reason that alien abduction went through the roof after the second world war. The military industrial complex cut a deal in exchange for new alien technology (largely kept away from us) that humans could be experimented on (as long as they were returned with their memories wiped of the ordeal). That may sound fantastic, but just hold that thought in suspension as it's only a matter of time till sunlight is disinfecting the underground bases of the US, UK and Australian cigar chomping military types in the future. There's some very ugly stuff that gets done out of sight.

For now you can listen to Budd Hopkins above who has investigated over 700 cases of alien abduction by 2004 and then you might want to reconsider having some sympathy for people who were not only abducted and experimented on but were largely ridiculed by a society conditioned to react that way by the same media owners who are but an extension of the military complex I mentioned earlier. Are you getting the picture yet?