Friday 27 May 2011

Unnatural Disasters

The Fukushima earthquake was predicted by Benjamin Fulford years before it happened in the first minutes of this interview by Project Camelot. He specifically states that nuclear plants would be the areas targeted if the Japanese didn't pay the Federal Reserve extortion money (note the Reserve is a private company so try not to hold fixed nation state ideas all the time to understand this). In addition the ionosphere heated up prior to the earthquake and so we can at least feel sure that unanswered questions about the HAARP weather weapons raise great suspicion.

Ultra right winger Vladimir Zhironosvky (yeah, still alive) has recently threatened to bury the United States with a silent weapon recently and I think there's no finer analyst of the situation than Dr Joseph P Farrell to take you through the intrigue of media and power play nuance with his understanding of history, geopolitics and and the shadowy groups that pull strings above governmental level. For those of us trying to figure out what is actually going on (and there's a lot of unrecognised champions out there) it's just disheartening that most people are ignorant of weather/unnatural disaster weapons or even buy their corporately owned media's message that they don't exist

Time to get real people; the only reason we know about atomic weapons is that big mushroom cloud business in the sky or it would be a secret war weapon. Unnatural disasters are perfect because they look so plausible to uninformed people. There's a big game being played out here and while we don't know all the answers it's important that people inform themselves and start asking questions.

It's in your own interest.