Sunday, 22 May 2011

Play It Safe Wogan

Update: Wogan who ridiculed paedophile whistleblower David Icke now claims he hated Savile even though he remained silent.

Terry Wogan has never put his reputation and credentials on the line or even come close to it. It must be nice cashing in on a life of comfy affability and trivial avuncular chit-chat without ever addressing anything substantial in his public life. Dont-rock-the-boat Terry is like all institutions; clinging on to the past instead of co-creating the future.

I post this video to make three points: First of all dopey Terry is still oblivious to the police state that is the United States. David Icke validates that point by talking about the Project for a New American Century. Back in the day when politics was my soap opera obsession, PNAC was my wake up call. Now that its neoconservative ideological agenda is showing signs of cracking at the highest levels of authority, activists have moved on, yet David Icke was not only politically clued up before most people but the herd, or the flock as religion calls them, are still ignorant of whose agenda was being played in the 90's to demolish the WTC. 

It's probably a coincidence that I blogged about them in my Miu Miu post as I've not talked about them since 1997. A proper search will reveal a lot more of what I'm on public record as saying. Politically I'm consistent because I don't mind saying what's uncomfortable.
Lastly I caught that at the five minute mark ,time is starting to make a fool of Mr. Wogan. He asks David with that cheeky chappy Irish sell-out twinkle in his eye "when are the tidal waves, earthquakes and volcanoes going to come?"

Lastly Wogan ends the interview on daytime TV channel, TVGOLD, by stating proudly and with great fanfare his next interview is with Ulrike Jonsson on her "life in the tabloids". "You'd be mad not to miss it he says". Is that right Terry? 
To be sure. To be sure. To illuminate my point here is today's volcano and earthquake action on one island