Sunday 22 May 2011

The London Rome Beltane Ritual

The City of London and the Vatican are so vastly wealthy it's hard to understand why anyone could cut them any slack given the vast transfer of wealth that the former just participated from us to them. I've started to pay closer attention to ritual. There are few hard facts that stand up more solid than the symbolism that the occult elite groups use, and so I need to understand the important ones, and get a grip on dates and calendars which is not my strength as I prefer to ignore time to the best of my ability usually. 

That's the pope in his Saturnalia/Saturno hat above. It signifies the planet Saturn with its rings. Red is one of the three colours of Saturn. I can't recall if it represents space or time. Black is the other colour as used in court for judges and for the clergy. Why does the Pope worship Saturn? You don't want to go there. Or do you?