Friday 27 May 2011

The Pineal Gland & Vatican Secrets of Pigna Court

The Pineal gland is so named as it looks like a pine cone. In the past, humans celebrated its mystical hyper-dimensional powers all round the planet, though this knowledge was subsequently burned at the stake by the Vatican because like marijuana, magic mushrooms, peyote and ayahuasca (to name a few) the activated pineal gland (through those same sacred medicines) dissolves the narrow band of conciousness needed to keep humans in dog eat dog conflict with each other. Originally the 1st century bronze statue pictured above and now inside the Vatican's Pigna Court was a fountain statue with water bursting into life and gushing out of small holes from the scales of the cone.

That effect was the Roman equivalent of a Pink Floyd or Jean Michel Jarre concert in its day, and was to celebrate a mystery known by cultures as diverse as the Buddhists and the Assyrians.  With the second photo below, it is being held in a hybrid's hand.

The Annunaki creature isn't human and looks like he's going to eat that pineal gland/pine cone it is holding, and that's why I've left it in. 'They're not human' is what Princess Diana used to say on that subject. But let's come back to that another day as the video above is a great introduction to your off-limits pineal gland. I will also come back to Pigna Court pictured below because it's pretty much the Vatican's manipulation agenda on display as per the occult code of conduct that information affecting free will should be revealed for everyone, however obscure or briefly.

Did you know water fluoridation, fluoride toothpaste etc calcifies the pineal gland? It's like a conspiracy isn't it?