Wednesday, 18 May 2011

National Geographic Propaganda

Some of us believe the information about the presence of non terrestrials on planet Earth is increasingly bursting at the seams of credibility. We ask you to take into account the chilling words of Werner Von Braun of NASA. He repeatedly told his assistant Carol Rosin when subsequently at Fairchild Industries (another govcorp kill-for-profit-entity) that they (the cabal/shadow government/military industrial complex) are going to use psychological warfare to characterize a new enemy. 

After the nazis, after the communists, after the muslims, over and over and over again Werner Von Braun would say to Carol that the last card would be to portray the alien as the next reason to galvanize the sheeple in a new fear matrix requiring new restrictions on freedom, new money for weaponisation of space and new profitable opportunities to expand the killing machine with taxpayers consent out into the solar system and beyond. Yeah, that's how psychopathic these people are. 

I've no idea what black ops technology will be used to deceive the taxpayers who are ultimately paying for their own demise. New dissolving buildings? Holographic WMD's, Viruses? Aggressive UFOs? Who knows what tricks will be pulled again, but I urge you to keep an eye out for the kind of bullshit by stooge publications like National Geographic, or films like Battle Los Angeles who are softening you up and testing the water to see if you spit, bite or swallow. Thus far we've swallowed every lie to go to war. They are all rigged. War is a racket. Turn the screen off and stay out of it. Live your lives in peace. There's a lot of positive constructive work to be done once these institutionalised demonics are removed as the malignant tumours they have been on humanity for many more centuries than most people could ever possibly conceive.

I mean it.