Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Cosmic Room

It's odd. I don't watch TV, I have to look quite hard to find movies that I can sit through the first half hour, and yet recently I've come across a few Youtubers who are making me either laugh or just enjoy watching their material as I subscribe to new uploads. It's a little bit addictive as the curiosity is to find out what has just been made as it's fresh off the cam usually.

It's the next best thing to live I guess. 

This is Paris Tosen who actually has a sober message usually but here he's squeezed out a half hour of comedy character content. These are an acquired taste. Like watching a new hit sitcom that you can't quite figure out, but the which the first laugh alleviates the suspense of waiting for a thumbs up or down. 

There's another guy I've been watching do skits for a while too but I only just figured out his shtick while taking a walk earlier. A light went on and I suddenly got it. Look forward to posting his stuff at some point.