Friday, 20 May 2011

Look At It This Way

Roughly speaking the monkeys at CERN are wetting their knickers over the Higgs Boson as it will upend the standard model of physics. Which is curious because if that happens the existing reality gets changed and yet you try arguing about the existing reality with a particle theorist and they can't wait to talk about their credentials or some strait jacket Copenhagen agreement dialetic which is the scientific equivalent of don't ask don't tell for as long as the maths works out.

Nassim Haramein has already proved his worth to me and he seems to be making good progress on his space time theories incorporating vortex thinking (and a whole lot more deeply rooted in sacred geometry) that is the essence of the new emerging physics. The old materialist science robots are still sending people into space with the propulsion fuel like back in the sixties and yet they refuse to accept that the times they are a changing and that to be a part of change requires a different understanding of the universe and a rejection of the existing dogma. They hate Haramein and the closer he gets the more they despise him for being a thinker rather than an equation writer. You mark my words. Haramein is the future on so much science it cheers me no end to see him this happy. He's a nice bloke as well.