Saturday 21 May 2011

How Sexy Are Lockheed Skunkworks?

Very few people know the full picture though there are hints that the U.S. Navy holds more cards than most. What is known however are Ben Rich of Lockheed-Martin Skunkworks' deathbed words

He said 'UFO visitors are real and the U.S. Military travel among stars'. Of course when he said "we" he didn't mean you or I or the collective group of people that paid for it (Disclosure: I have worked for the American Military in Europe, and for a while in Hollywood paying full taxes). He meant the groups that pull the government's strings.

So where is that technology the US taxpayers funded? The best answer is to do your own research because you need to trust your own instincts.

I do suggest you include 'breakaway civilisation by Richard Dolan and "Underground bases by Richard Sauder" but only because I find them more robust as evidence than the more flakier claims out there.

Just for fun my imaginative first thoughts are multiple timeline espionage, stargates, future viewing, individual human DNA signal monitoring, planetary artificial intelligence, conciousness-scanning, super luminal travel, conciousness harvesting and genetically engineered humans crossed with animal supersoldiers, but that's me just guessing and inventing on the spot. I'm sure you can do much better. Bear in mind that Ben Rich of Skunkworks said his thing in 1995 and the change might be logarithmic in some areas.

The great thing about capitalism is that there's an awesome incentive to concentrate technology and wealth beyond your wildest dreams in the hands of people with far more power than mere presidents or CEOs under the guise of protecting freedoms. It all works out quite neat if the media is owned too because hardly anyone questions what they're told. 

Ben Rich gave us a little taster of course, but there's lots of testimony out there spiked with disinformation by the acronym agencies who surf the net just like we all do. They are advanced at social media astroturf commenting software. Even more so than China or North Korea or Russia.

Welcome to the complex. It makes the Matrix look amateurish.