Saturday 21 May 2011

Are The British Prurient, Two Faced , Gullible & Spineless?

I've been all those things at some time or other but when it comes to Princess Diana she was no concern of mine till the morning of her death. Every fibre in my body screamed something unforgivable had taken place. Correct me if I'm wrong but if you bought tabloids that chased her to death, then mourned her at the funeral, cheered at her brothers funeral eulogy at how she was victimised by the Royal family and then waved flags at the next royal pageant  celebration, yet never question why the latest film documenting the FACTS of the cover up AFTER her death cannot be shown in the United Kingdom, then I will take your silence as tacit understanding that the answer to my post title is yes.

There is a chance still yet to redeem yourselves and right a wrong. 

Avail yourselves of the evidence and try to do whatever it is that comes into your heart about it because the consequences of pursuing the truth are not trivial. My wish is to see the overturning of the house of Windsor and ejecting them from the privileged position they hold while say installing Prince Harry as the heir to the throne given his unblemished parentage and restore the house of Stuart.

Britain has an important part to play in the future for one reason and anothe. In the mean time the last few minutes of the video below are as good a place as any to examine your conscience and decide if you are going to find out for yourself, once and for all, why she was held alive in a tunnel in a car while all the CCTV was switched off and the Police radio network fell silent all over Paris before she finally died in the slowest ambulance in the history of emergencies. 

She held out a lot longer than was planned, and for once England; can you not just put your foot down and reciprocate the memory with honour. She was worth it.