Thursday 26 May 2011

Harold Camp, The Rapture & Saturn

I'm annoyed with myself. On the same day I was parading my Matrix movie occult symbolism discoveries, Harold Camp was eating his words over his failed rapture predictions. Instead of ignoring it, I should have done a little investigating because his website is full-on Saturnalia as you can see below. 

It would not surprise me to find he's manipulated in some way, but in the absence of any evidence apart from that assertion, the all important symbolism is below. I should point out that it feels a little premature for U.S. citizens to be triumphant in the middle of this remarkable tornado and earthquake action (with volcanos going off round the world). 

I'd have been thankful he wasn't right. He may be programmed to test public reaction to a Rapture message. It didn't roll out this time but is it wise to ignorant of these topics given his new revised date and the occult worshippers love of parading in public what they intend to do? Just a few words of caution. I don't live there.