Monday, 16 May 2011

Dominic Strauss-Kahn's God Daughter To Press Sexual Assault Charges

As I predicted the disinformation in support of Strauss Kahn was immediate. The media have universally portrayed the man as facing political smear from Sarkozy. Then the Daily Beast via the auspiciously named Christopher Dickey portrayed him as a man with ' female relationship issues'. I'd say an accusation of sodomy rape is nothing to do with female relationships, and I also don't buy the subsequent story change to forced oral sex because teeth are the natural defence against any unwanted intrusion. Needless to say Dickey didn't have the stones to address my concerns as to his shill like language directly. Why would he if he's a paid mouthpiece? It's just business right?

There is a possibility given the context, that Strauss Kahn may have been baited, as he has many enemies, but let's not portray him as a ladies man when his own God daughter now wishes to press sexual assault charges on him in France. He's a widely known sexual predator as this full listing in Rue 89 details, and his game is up, irrespective of what the Daily Beast or other triggered brains are proselytizing.   What goes around comes around. Word.