Monday, 16 May 2011


In 1994 I was back in the UK after a few years abroad and too broken hearted to think about working again so I did a University degree instead in marketing and design. I don't know if my dreams were broken specificically but if being innocent of tragedy is a dream then I had mine thoroughly shattered into more pieces than I could ever have imagined.

I was 25 in June of that year and actually I knew of David Icke's name as he was a former sports presenter who lived on the Isle of Wight close to my home in Hampshire. My school peers who all love football (yawn) knew him far better than I, and were at first gob smacked by his messianic mission. Then to a man they ridiculed him mercilessly. His name was a cliched joke for 'losing the plot'. Even though I had no idea what the exact details were until only recently.

It's odd really because I wasn't ready for David Icke even a few months ago and yet if I'd been asked to watch the video above at any time in my life, even as a young child, there isn't a single thing in it I'd disagree with. Actually it's quite environmentally political and there isn't a razor thin gap of light between my views on the matter and David's. It's a stirring piece too. Before its time.

However, David's got some information that he knows continues to make him ridiculed. He was told by all his friends when he was going to publish his book called the 'The Biggest Secret' to say everything except the one subject that people can't handle. It's the one about the annunaki, or the archons, or the reptilions or the non humans as Princess Diana insisted, and it's fair to say not many people can get their heads around transdimensional manipulation throughout history and along historical bloodlines. It's a head fuck so no point sugaring the pill, but to David's credit he's not flinched from having the piss taken out of him, and so if that information sends you a bit wobbly, I suggest rewinding the clock a bit back to this video gem from 1994 by the man, because I can't imagine there's a single line in it that doesn't make sense to a normal human being.

Unless you've got your head up your arse in which case there's very little we can do.