Saturday, 16 April 2011

Russell Brand Interviews David Icke

One interpretation of Rock 'n Roll is a loud in your face, unforgettable and counter cultural artform designed to upset all but the initiated. By that definition it's conceivably plausible that David Icke is the most Rock 'n Roll meme-huffer on the planet. An in-your-face cultural icon.

For a republican like myself, determined to sling the ancient and parasitical royal dynasties out on their ear, it seems a perfectly reasonable proposition that the Buckingham Saxe-Coburg-Gotha/Windsor royal plutocrats could well be, as David asserts, a shape shifting reptilian bloodline. The blue blood description stretches back to a copper oxidising bloodline that isn't human unlike the red, iron oxidising bloodline of humans. Or is that just apocryphal? Go research it.

However even the murder of Princess Diana failed to challenge the sycophantic British public's unswerving and undying(sic) loyalty. It's an island wide Stockholm syndrome to the neutral mind, and I'm dreading the upcoming royal wedding and state visit of Barack Obama to London. Why would the British people wallow in a nostalgia-pit of egregious inequality taxed at their own expense, while schools, hospitals and libraries are shut down? 

It's lascivious lizard love. Good interview by Russell Brand above with David Icke though.