Saturday, 16 April 2011

Jordan Maxwell, Egypt & Etymology

Jordan Maxwell is on remarkable form here, doing a talk in Cairo around the turn of the millennium. The video is blurry, there's no powerpoint and the speaker just sits on a stool for two hours and teaches a small crowd the meaning of non academic scholarly inquiry. When the history books are finally understood to be overdue for radical review and urgent rewriting, people like Jordan Maxwell will loom large. Unusually for him, he's often witty in this talk and loses his trademark defiant humility to talk freely like the sage he actually is. I even learned the origins of the word British and it's raison d'etre vis a vis the use of the word England in this talk.

He also makes a serious point that took me a long time to grasp fully. Legally our passports and birth certificates are based on corporate law. We're not humans. We're unit's of taxable production. Do the research. You'll be surprised. Hopefully you'll be offended. Maybe even a few will be outraged. One or two might take action. 

All it takes is a small group of people, and then the 100th monkey effect kicks in. And kick it will.