Thursday, 14 April 2011

Nazis, UFO's & Roswell

Joseph Farrell's thinking here that the Roswell UFO was Nazi technology, though to be generous to him it's not the wildest idea I've reviewed today. That one indicated that the Roswell incident was a crashed ship from human's future. However the discussion in this interview is still brilliant and thought provoking.

I definitely buy into Joseph's big idea that the Nazi's continued to live on after their WWII military defeat in ways that undermine the notions of the nation state. I'm almost tempted to give this technocracy a name as the politics and technology are inseparable agendas and make so much sense when think about the obvious fairy tales spun by main stream media trying to maintain the illusion of coherency. While these theories are a full on frontal assault to a govcorp approved reality, they do hang together better as a big picture than silly ideas like democracy and the global community or whatever names are given to the ideas that appalling atrocities are committed in.

The second half of this show is with Joseph talking to Jim Marrs who is another investigative researcher I have a lot of time for even though I disagree with Jim's take on the world with a binary view of politics I no longer have the time of day for. I do however concede an emerging fetish for Nazi and UFO illustrations I've discovered since this subject has spilled over into my life.

Update: I'm increasingly persuaded by Douglas Dietrich account of the Roswell incident.