Wednesday 6 April 2011

NASA & Astro Theology

If the Nuremberg trials were all about separating the production line workers from the Nazi cream, then Project Paperclip was all about the schizophrenia of smuggling in the top Nazis into the United States to work with Jet Propulsion Laboratories and NASA. Take that Nazi and U.S. military industrial complex shotgun wedding with its SS occult DNA. Splice that black magic gene with occult master Aleister Crowley who was close friends with Jack Parsons of JP Laboratories fame and we have a marriage of unsettling history and destiny. Given that occult obsessed Hitler envied Aleister Crowley's reputation as the most evil man in the world and a reasonable question can be asked of the whole Govcorp complex?

Did occult Nazism win the second world war by stealthy transfer of ideological black magic DNA from the third Reich to create a fourth Reich in the United States? 

Given that Aleister Crowley ordained Jack Parsons as his successor and NASA's obsession with astro theology the answer is uncomfortable. Just don't expect that to appear on a NASA press release or mainstream mass media channel near you. That would interrupt the ball game wouldn't it.

Richard Hoagland not only does a great job of chronicling the history but is particularly talented at pointing out the bewildering number of coincidences on a cosmic scale. His eye for noting synchronised timing and locations between celestial bodies and historic events is unsurpassed. Throw in a little ritual sex magic (and Ron L Hubbard who stole Parsons wife) and it's a piece of history in motion that blows minds.