Sunday, 17 April 2011

Amazing Thailand

It's the Thai New Year Festival called Songkran, and pampered society is outraged by the water festival revellers stripping in the heat. I can't say I'd appreciate my daughter stripping naked so I'm not condoning it, but that's only a hypothetical scenario when compared to the reality of the doubled military budget since the sniper head shots of last years civic protests.  That was hands-down infinitely more vulgar and shocking than acts of unwise diminished modesty, and irreversibly shattered the illusion that the Royal Thai Army does anything other than shoot it's own citizens decade after decade after decade.

The elites are invariably the first to heap shame on these young girls who without exception have a limited array of life options when considering becoming a wage slave in the paddy fields or shelling prawns or the ubiquitous prostitution that is woven into the very fabric of every day Thai male living. The topic is so boring it's seldom even mentioned that the tourist sex trade is but a sliver of the nationwide industry. It's just business after all.

Evidently it's OK for those same self-selecting elites to turn a blind eye to the Ratchadapisek massage parlours they attend and/or own for some ab ob nuat, but as soon as they can venomously attack the vulnerable, they do so publicly while cleverly distracting attention from the real issues of deliberately holding down an entire working class female population with a shamefully repressed and wilfully ignorant education system. 

It's no freak of statistical standard deviation that Thailand's teachers failing their own curricula tests is quietly ignored. The news media attacks individual girls who aren't sufficiently educated to protect themselves from a momentary lapse of indiscretion. Instead the usual hypocritical elites looks for ways to jail the unwitting for up to five years to protect an hallucinatory international reputation as the land of smiles and subjugated serenity. 

An imaged bathed in the bathos of bell curves.

I would normally have blacked out the girls eyes in the pictures above to protect them from the predictable hypocrisy of societal double standards but they are already in the public domain as indeed was the original nudity if the predictably pious were paying sufficient attention. Please leave a comment if any unintended offence is caused.