Thursday 10 March 2011

Transmedia Is So Yesterday

If John Titor's story is true then the transdimensional time-laws that are inviolably cast in the multiverse theory mean we may well be on the cusp of that dangerously creative idea of at some point manifesting the destiny of, and co-creating our own private universe. It sounds preposterous but that's contemporary science manifesting itself as reality. That's my premature conclusion from listening to the three podcast interviews of people that have written books about him.

As on so many occasions previously it's my gut instinct that is the most forceful dynamic. When John Titor came back from 2036 to meet his mother in November 2000 his mother was asked how she reacted to meeting her son who was then only a couple of years old. Her reply was that a mother always would recognise her son and accepted him immediately. It's the sort of detail that I wouldn't expect and yet makes a lot of sense. It's only one thread in the multi dimensional narrative of a completely astonishing story.

The other tell tale clues that sets my authenticity alarm bells ringing are the usual death threats and online outrage that accompany anybody who espouses truly radical ideas or in this case is actively tinkering with our own timeline. I had lunch with a journalist last week who pointed out that Michael Foot's son Paul Foot had an investigative credo of 'believe the nutters' and so my additional caveat to that is 'where there is outrage, there is truth'. Take 911 for example. Most people still haven't got the guts to say what they feel so it's the largest elephant in the room for good reason. Ask Charlie Sheen about that outrage. The instantaneous moral punditry over acts that as far as I know he's been doing all his life. Have a think about that.