Saturday, 26 March 2011

Cosplay Meditations

Did a bit of location scouting today and came across a Cosplay scene at the Sirikit Convention Centre who were there to raise money for charity to help the Japanese out after their recent earthquake. The gentleman above was dressed to kill so I taunted him with an invite to torture me and blow my brains out. He obliged my request though what is less obvious is how gay his voice was during this pose. A sort of campy faux moaning that his arm was aching keeping me pinned down.

Something I forgot about people who use cameras for a living is how long they take to set a shot up so I used the time to chill out and work on my breathing and meditation. Instead of being irritable while angles and setting were being worked on I found myself needing to be reminded that the next location had to be checked.

The Clockwork Orange T Shirt seems an incongruous addition to the setting but the colour orange tied in nicely with the Saffron material around the shrine and I am very interested in Kubrick's work at the moment as you may recall. I'm rarely this chilled but that's how  ten minutes of deep diving works out these days. I'm finding it all very interesting.