Thursday, 17 March 2011

2001 Space Odyssey

We were watching 2001: A Space Odyssey last night. I vaguely recall watching it when I was younger but this time round it was such a treat. A lot more fell into place on this viewing as I'm getting a sense for Kubrick as a director and as a person. I'm trying to think who else is as good as him and apart from Lynch there is nobody is there? Funny thing was we both turned to look at each other half way and said 'those look like iPads'.

Now you might think that's a coincidence but Steve Job's amazing streak of success over the last few years has definitely had me wondering if he has had access to those allegations of back engineered gizmos that the UFO crowd swear are largely withheld from us by a self serving elite who accumulate wealth by enslaving our time to a mortgage/debt treadmill before egging us on to ripping each others throats out over oil and destruction through soul draining organised religion and misery. Like that feeling of being disconnected from who you really are. Precariously attached to a marginally differentiated lifeline of drudgery and artifice.

Well of course I'm riffing a bit here because Stanley Kubrick was a very secretive man.  Then there are those allegations of filming the moon landings in case they went wrong and thus potentially losing the U.S. a crucially psychological information war.  Allegedly Stanley demanded a deal that in return for shooting the moon landings he could later do the films he wanted without Hollywood interference. Has anybody got any recommendations for which Kubrick film I should watch next as I'm obsessed with his work now. Also does anybody know the rumour about why he changed the destination planet in 2001 Space Odyssey? It was meant to be Saturn but that was too close to the mark so he changed it to Jupiter. Saturn has that distinctly odd looking moon Iapetus which I've mentioned before was the spark for my synchronicity post and which looks like the death star in Star Wars. Just saying folks. Draw your own conclusions folks. I'm only on the lookout for better questions.

It's the circular parts of Iapetus that merit comment and then on closer look the ridge around the equator is distinctly uniform.

But rather than get bogged down with the differences between man made and artificial. You can leave that to Benoit Mandelbrot. The question I have is why call the moon landing missions Saturn V. What is it about Saturn? Why not call them Neptune 5?