Thursday, 20 January 2011

Thailand's Tropical Gulag

The troubles down south have been going on a lot longer than the reductionist story of Reds versus Yellows. It's straight forward ignorance, chauvinism and arrogance coupled with territorial insensitivity and inflexibility to subsidiarity, that only exists due to the geographical and historical idiocy of the British empire in that part of the world . 

I used to occasionally cross the border at Narathiwat though that is no longer sensible given the violence that takes place in that part of the world. It's evident to me that the muslims down South or rather less materialistic cultures are de facto materially/fiat currency poorer in the the 21st century than materialist cultures that value stuff over non stuff. 

Things like feelings and consciousness for example. We should be aware of that when assessing a balance sheet for the superiority of cultures. Once again Al Jazeera does more serious and more pertinent content than any other global news organization.