Saturday, 10 October 2009

Watch This

For one reason or another (bad mathematics and bad people) I ran out of cash recently and after putting down a deposit on my accomodation, I realised I was in a tight corner so I was forced to pull strings I've avoided pulling for some years and managed invoke a vegan diet of roots (like sweet potato), bean sprouts and plantain. Quite a modest one at that too. 

But the brilliant learning from this process (every cloud has a silver lining) was that I finally did what I've put off for years which is go a little bit hungry or experience it for longer then I've ever had the courage to endure before. I've realised now that I CAN control my four decade long obsession with Chocolate and Coco-cola and McHashpatties&syrup

Well I'm back on course now so no need to fret, but somehow I'm kind of enjoying even skipping on, or at least moderating my favourite things including those McDonalds breakfasts which I've talked about here with more links in the post.

In any case my parents are the sort of people who brought me up with a number of decent values that I treasure and one of those is that wasting food is obscene and which is one of those values I walk the walk on whatever the context wherever on the planet. I urge you if you haven't given a thought about how cities are fed to watch this powerful TED presentation and recognise the compelling conclusion reached. Rengineering our economies and lives is possible if we use nutrition as the lynch pin, and as I think we'll be compelled to do so, in the not so distant future with the global dynamics such as the impending dollar collapse and rise in oil prices (ergo food prices)