Thursday, 15 October 2009

Rory Sutherland

Advertising is in good shape with Rory at the helm of the IPA. Possibly the best-fun lunch companion a bloke could hope for (or at least he covered my disreputable ass, with deliciously wobbly London Underground noises, while I was bunking off one memorable afternoon from JWT in Docklands). Thanks for doing the, I'm-on-the-tube background-noises-blag, when my boss called to ask where the hell I was Rory.

 Anyway, you can find out for yourselves with this TED video quite why he's a true anarchical thinker. Exactly what we need..... and just in the nick of time.

NB: I also saw Rory speak at the launch of Stephen King's book where he turned up with ostensibly no notes and cleaned up with the crowd in JWT's bar at Knightsbridge. Here's more of one of Adland's best. We're lucky.