Tuesday, 16 September 2008

I love this

Age and a few others have a problem with it that I've addressed in the comments of his blog but in short its going to be very tempting to do my Woman Whisperer imitation the next unreasonable request I get. I'd have scripted and directed the last few seconds less cliche bit in any case it's very very meme like for me. Whoa whoa ...ssssssshhhhhh... Easy there.


  1. ha, mate... i agree... no doubt we'll be seeing plenty of women whisperers this summer, but don't quite think that'll translate into beer sales for Carlton Mid.

    I think it comes back to Rob's insight for VB. The fact is that men will laugh at blokey stuff like this, but 99% of the time that they're out on the piss, there'll be ladies about, and this bogan humour won't get them laid, thus it's the "classier" imported beers they'll be reaching for.

  2. Between you me and the internet mate I never listen to Rob when he talks about alcohol because he doesn't drink :)

    Seriosly though, one doesn't need to drink to be a planner on alcohol but I think one thing about this ad is it's aimed squarely at men who are closet homosexuals and really loathe their wives or girlfriends much preferring the company of MEN and watching Australian football which is men in tight shorts isn't it?

    OK. That's my dangerous comment for the day. Whoa, whoa..ssssh....easy there ;)

  3. ha, i never thought of it like that!

    pure genius this ad is.