Tuesday 17 June 2008


Via Leland Maschmeyer who has been on a real roll this year with some of the most progressive thinking in our business or the shape of our future business. The video highlights for me what I think is probably one of the more concrete and tangible shifts of the 20th/21st century that is for the better: The emancipation of women in general.

I also happen to think that pitches should be done like this. Charts, strategies, quantitative data and qualitative dimensions mean nothing unless an agency can articulate how it's going to speak on behalf of their clients. The video above is exactly how we should be doing it in my opinion.


  1. It's a lovely piece of film. I agree with you about pitching - it's nothing without theatre, without something which can be compelling, and draw the viewer in.

  2. Thanks Will. I think the moving words with/typography with music format and maybe some video should easily convey how a brand could/should speak. One of the reasons I think I should learn a bit about flash/javascript sometimes.

  3. Thanks for the kind nod Charles. I never looked at the Girl video a new business concept, but I dig the point.

  4. Pity the kinetic typography obsession hasn't found content as relevant as The Girl Effect.


  5. Hello Rupert. I don't understand. The Girl Effect is all about kinetic typography (I like that term) and that Youtube link you give for Copelands latest novel is great!

    Or are you being understated?

  6. I was commenting on the (student) obsession/movement of spending days (for just merit and no money) creating kinetic typography pieces exclusively of cult movie dialogue for upload to Youtube.

    As much as I love the cool, punchy dialogue it's a shame the movement hasn't got over motion pictures and started to mass produce content as relevant as The Girl Effect.

    I totally take your point though. Hopefully The Girl Effect is the start of a new wave of the movement.