Sunday, 7 October 2007

The Management

While taking a walk early in the morning around the Compleat Angler in Marlow (a beautiful part of England) last week where I was attending the most intensive customer segmentation gig of my life, I came across a rather large Swan walking down the road. It was too incongruous not to whip out the only camera device I had, a Sony P 900 and film it in regrettably low resolution. Anything better than nothing I thought. Sadly it wont play on the 'puter for what looks like anti convergence reasons, and I'm a bit miffed so while I figure out a solution, I'm going to post a couple of shots from the infamous i-mobile 902 that I took inside the supper club side of Bed Supper Club in Bangkok, as it was closing down. Mucking around with light gain is one of those camera features that turns a snapper into an accidental photographer.

Incidentally for those who might want to know Q Bar was looking dangerously like it has lost the plot. Brimming with hookers and low on customers this veritable clubbing/music institution needs a creative director if the night I dropped by was typical of their weekends. However it was really terrific to see the staff again who really are some of the most professional in Thailand so I might as well post some relevant Q Bar (staff) shots too. They were always so nice to us and made us feel welcome. These are also for Dino who I'm hoping gets to play a set in Bed should I be in town.

Bed Supperclub

Q Bar

So that Swan? I'll nail it somehow or someway and next time not digress so wildly either.


  1. Incidentally for those who might want to know Punk Plannong was looking dangerously like it has lost the plot if the night I dropped in was typical of its weekends. Brimming with disco dancing videos and unfocussed hooker snap, this venerable institution is in need of a camp counsellor.

  2. awesome pics. the bed in miami looks so similar!
    i'd love to play there, talk to the manager for me ;)

  3. JD. Punk Plannong??? What the fuck is going on? Have you been on the Jesus juice while writing comments on my blog? OK look. I know its been a bit lame for posts but I'm 'brewing' some lethal shit up that is going to make marketing history.

    Incidentally there are no hookers on this blog....they are hard working staff that keep me sweet ;)

  4. Dino. I'm on the case. Any sniff of a trip to Asia on your part, and I'll be on the case. Hope those ribs are healing nicely mate.

  5. You know that satire (even misspelled) is sincerest flattery or something like that.

  6. I'm working on getting hold of that custom built '96 in pink JD :)

    (inside joke folks)