Friday, 19 October 2007

Four Continents Capital

As we approach 'Peak Oil' it makes perfect sense that the city boys will look towards the developing economies for a source of cheap energy, you know, like being run around town and saving on electricity for household chores not to mention maintenance. There is an alternative source. I'll write about this a bit more if this provokes any comments.


  1. Hey,

    I'm just trying to track down the source of this video. I caught it on Jason Evan's blog and want to know if it is real. Seems real. At the same time - I can't believe it is real. What do you know about it? If Four Continents Capital Management a real company? Is this a spoof to get us thinking... wtf is going on here?

  2. Hi Michael. I think if we all get thinking about the subject of exploitation its a very complex discussion. This video raises that complexity to new levels. I'll try and track down Jason Evan's blog. I don't think I know that name.

  3. Sorry Michael. If you mail me cefrith at hotmail dot com I'll put you in touch with the video's creators.