Tuesday, 4 April 2017

I'm Sceptical of Navy Seal Craig Sawyer & His Child Abuse Crusade

We are witnessing the slow unfoldment of the VIP paedosadist rings that run things. I've been researching this subject for many years, and the latest initiative is by former Navy Seal and TV star Craig Sawyer, and a coalition of NSA, CIA, FBI and all the other organisations that use child abuse as a blackmail mechanism on the levers of power.

First of all the SEALS occasionally use sexual blackmail on their own recruits to ensure they do immoral acts like bomb Muslims in far away villages to radicalize them. We know this information from Navy Seal Bill Brockbrader who Don Shipley tried to discredit and failed.

Now Craig may be well meaning. I don't know if he's a dupe, a patsy, a cutout or a sincere guy, but the hero-narrative of the good guys coming to take out the bad guys just doesn't work out in my experience. It doesn't matter how powerful you are. If you try to take on the paedophile rings in power you're taken out or disable or silenced. It's their source of power and energy in ways only the informed can grasp.

Craig claims he wants do documentaries exposing them. I hope he's authentic, but the first rule of taking on this top-tier enemy is not telling them what you're going to do. If Craig thinks the Muslim Brotherhood are the VIPaedo top tier he's deluded. If Craig thinks only one political party is involved as he states in the above video.... then Houston, we have a problem.

My experience of the deep state is that if Craig is recruiting from the deep state there will be plants used. That's just basic. Let's see what happens. I wish them luck. Craig if you read this and want to know about all the years research I've compiled then email me.