Friday, 6 January 2012

Zecharia Sitichin's Anunnaki Disinformation

Without Zecharia Sitchin I would never have immersed myself in the Sumerian Cuneiform tablets. However by my own reasoning I concluded that they are disinformation and thus worthy of attention but scrutinised closely for agenda. 

I also knew that Zecharia Sitchin had CIA connections and right from the beginning I have questioned his New York lifestyle and his abrupt manner at dealing with people as well as his elusive history which changed over time according to my research. 

His Freemasonry is not the final nail in the coffin but merely the start of a new analysis of the Anunnaki legacy. It's about psychological emancipation from the 'Slave Species' meme that was, in the final analysis, the purpose of Sitchin's well funded work.

Sitchin's didn't sell millions of copies of his books and yet lived a Manhattan life of affluence. Furthermore they aren't that good. I have electronic copies for anyone interested and the journey for unmasking the Sitchin's fabrication starts at the website Sitchin's Was Wrong.