Monday, 2 January 2012

Why Does The Ancient Aliens Hypothesis Drive The High Priests Of Knowledge Completely Bonkers?

Mike Clelland interviews Christopher Knowles and riff on any number of subjects but the line that comes to mind is the question of why the Ancient Aliens hypothesis drives the  high priests of opinion shaping nut?. This is interesting because the ancient alien evidence is in some ways more robust than say the dream-like, trans-dimensional, culturally influenced, conspiratorial phenomena of today. We don't have the cuneiform tablets for the 20th century, we don't have the Nag Hammadi texts or the cultural purity of UFO cave and alien paintings where the pseudo cynic can't point to the influence of popular-culture media influence or the constantly twitter trending  psychological-hash-tag-theory-of-the-moment.

I find these audio interviews essential value for piecing together the mystery which spreads into every single thread of inquiry presented by the ubiquitous alien and UFO theme. It it a new archetype that is larger than the Trickster? Maybe it's a composite. A 21st century recombinant-culture archetype mashup working it's way through and threading together every culture and every facet of every culture, from the mass media of the military industrial govcorp complex to the oral tradition of the Dogon tribe of Africa or the Australian Aboriginals.

Fascinating & Infuriating. I am however most comfortable with alien abduction information. I find time and again that the tone of voice and extensive description of the enigma most real through this lens and so paradoxically I need the least evidence to convince myself. Tone of voice and conviction over time is where I find intuition more concrete than the flakes of empirical evidence we have.