Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Ancient Aliens

Over the weekend I kicked back and watched the entire series of Ancient Aliens. Irrespective of whether the evidence is conclusive or inconclusive it's some of the best and most interesting video content I've seen period. The episode below is an hour and a half of freshly uploaded video so unless you've seen it on TV it's probably new to you too. 

I've been pursuing a couple of key themes lately on quantum mechanics and mysticism, and there's a lot of barmy stuff out there but History.Com here have churned out some of the finest produced material I've come across. I've always had trouble switching off and relaxing but I spent a lot of enjoyable hours learning more than I ever expected.

In Particular (for me) my attention has narrowed in on the Sumerian culture who may possibly be even more interesting than the Egyptians; if anything could ever possibly be more interesting than the Egyptians given the pivotal role in contemporary and ancient world history. (Watch that space closely as it unfolds)