Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Cosmic Capitalism


If survival of the species is a worthwhile game-plan then application of logic can't be harmful.

My thoughts are we have three options:

There's enough history to argue that we are no more in control of our destiny, then there is evidence of why we exist in the vastness of the universe, apparently alone. Most of our discoveries are more a case of accidents then purpose-driven discovery, and so the solution is let it unfold without a plan. I have a deep conviction about transition of energy after death and don't fear dying, but it strikes me as odd that those who are least predisposed to this kind of thinking, are most unlikely to openly and vocally champion Capitalism's course of action. If one doesn't believe in life after death why hand over to those who are living?

This option requires a more immediate and locally self-sufficient discussion on managed population decline. In 50 years with one-family-one-child policies, as China has already shown, we could be in a position to conclude what that harmony means. How the resources are intelligently shared, how much untouched nature is to be contiguous with humans and how to rewire corporations to wean them off addiction to profits.

The picture of the Chanel logo on the moon was the first visualization that made sense to me.

It never occurred to me until recently that capitalism could be the solution to our problem. Not the mutant strain we are working. Currently capitalism is a shoe scraping cripple for unbiquitous wealth creation. It's the HIV of abundance, a malignant tumor on our collective hope for a better tomorrow. 

What explains the absence of truly awesome visionary branding, selling futures of cosmic   promises with travel or luxury brands (for example) vying with each other right now to brand the lunar surface as a terrestrially inspired vision. I'm talking about a celebration of firm conviction in cosmic capitalism, physically investing in the wealth needed to enable us to eject ourselves from the orbit of an uninhabitable Earth, and leaving behind a spent womb and bruised uterus ready for metamorphic change? A Goodbye-Earth lunar-branding experience, celebrating escape from orbit, and out of this solar system and onto the next.

With capitalism that has vision such as this I can roll with the costs of what is left behind. But the capitalism we have. It has no balls. It's a parasite. It has no future.

What say you?