Sunday, 27 April 2008

Crouching Tiger Hidden Bacon

Bread in Asian shopping malls has an interesting positioning that is more like a dessert or indulgent snack. There are sandwich outlets but these mostly cater for Westerners or in some cases Asians who have lived or were educated abroad (a growing and highly influential population).

Easily the tastiest and best named bread snack in the world ever is the "Crouching Tiger Hidden Bacon" from Bread Talk here in Beijing. It costs 9 RMB (10 RMB to 1 Euro) and is most awesome.

I often like to buy one and drink one of their Yorkshire Tea lattes because even Northern Planner would crumble for a Yorkshire Tea latte if he hadn't had a single cuppa in months and months. Incidentally if any of you ever get round to reading Jeffrey Steingartens amazing book 'The man who ate everything' (and every planner should) you will discover that all taste is learned.


  1. isn't taste acquired, rather than learned? heh.

  2. I used to live on those bad boys whilst living in Singapore.

    You've just brought back a very good memory.

  3. Its your move on Scrabulous my dear so get cracking.

    Hi 3 Billion and welcome. I'm having a happy memories on 'em daily :)