Sunday 27 April 2008


I paid a visit to the 798 'Art District' of Beijing on Friday for the 'Affordable Art Beijing' exhibition run by Tamsin Roberts of Red T Art.

The last time I was last in the area, it was for the Yen Countdown on New Years Eve. This time had a chance to walk about in the daylight and get a feel for the Bauhaus architecture and general post war 50's East German industrial influence.

Its pretty neat, in that way that only proper industry can do and the industrial estates of Basingstoke fail at miserably don't you think? Anyway here's some art.

I just liked the comical feel to these. We've been having a discussion on Facebook about art which could go on forever but I think good art should just send people up a bit as much as possible.

This one though in the green was just the right amount of sinister and beauty I like. I was really disappointed not to bag, it as it had been bought by the time I arrived, although I may be able to see the artist at his studio at some point.

I really loved this fading and aging Commie girl complete with pigtails from whatever revolution was being espoused at the time. She's just the wrong side of 50 and a little too old to be putting it about. Its the breasts and neckline that give it away. Brilliant.

Like most of the paintings this was part of a set and the eyes were amazing. Magnetic, hypnotic a little bit attractive, a little bit scary and very sexual.


  1. fantastic paintings! I've not known this side of chinese art. I like a lot the bursting and powerful colors, the fascinating women. what's the name of the artist?

  2. Hi Daruszka. If you get in touch with Tamsin who I've linked to in the post I'm sure she will share the information you ask about. Thanks for your comment.