Saturday, 2 May 2015

Free Gaza

To The Jew Bashing Idiots

Ryan Dawson's work on Israeli connections to 9/11 is monumental. I don't agree with all his views and find his conspiratard monologues damaging, and often more a reflection on his own ignorance on much wider  and diverse subjects, but pretty much everything he says about Jews, Zionism and Israel is how I feel.

A few points to consider:

1. I am Semitic. Any one who wishes to do the Molecular DNA test with me has an open invitation. Please call +66847334769 or email me
2. I have Jewish friends
3. I'm anti psychopath not anti Jewish
5 No other group is more protected from criticism by media, institutions and speech restriction laws than Zionists and this includes the holocaust religion.
6 Jews disproportionately dominate the media and Hollywood and this is the words of  respected Jews not I.
7. Most Jews are not Semites. There is in fact nothing more anti Semitic than Zionism.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Mossad & CIA Behind Bali Bombing

The intelligence services work for the 1% warmongers and social engineers. Mossad are the big swinging dick on the block (plus thousands of Sayanim helpers) with minor players like grovelling MI6 playing rear access rentboy for ZioFascist salami.

Solid researchers know the Bali Bombing was an intelligence op to scare the sheep into thinking Islam is dangerous and justify illegal wars for the next century or so.

This isn't new information but the editor of the Jakarta Post giving the facts is new to me.