Saturday 18 July 2020

Hollyweird - Obituary

It's been around 9 years since I first learned about the degeneracy and concentrated evil that props up Hollywood, or Hollyweird if you wish.

I had an inkling I might see the fall of the magic machine in my life. I hoped that would be coupled with exploding consciousness of the heinous practices that permeate the military, industrial, scientific, congressional and entertainment complex, but it was never a sure bet, and it has been a lonely journey.

Soul crushing for the greater part.

That's all changing now, and while it wont be on the horizon of mass media consumers, it will soon be on their doorstop and impossible to ignore.

I dedicate the Zapatilla track above to Hollywood and more importantly their unconscious consumers who are entertained to death for a wee while longer, as the gravity of how it really works sinks in.