Friday, 11 May 2018

(Nathaniel Mayer) Victor Rothschild & The Spy Game

Not a lot of people appreciate that all the key intelligence agencies work for the global elite and not the countries they profess to serve.

The way they overcome this negative reality is through social engineering and programming via Hollywood scripts, TV Plays, Fake News and Bond Movies... the sort of bullshit that programmes the witless to venerate the least among us.

I was researching Anthony Blunt a while back. He was recruited to spy by Victor Rothschild and as it was a library book I noticed that a previous reader had written in the margins, the Zionist Jewish influence on the spy game that ties up a lot of questions that many historians are puzzled by.

In my experience Victor Rothschild was a triple agent in traditional terms but actually just a freelancer for all sides making sure that war, technology and ignorance were distributed evenly so the real power can maintain its control.

This is an obvious role when triangulating information.