Sunday, 28 January 2018

Cultural Engineering Through Music - Mark Devlin

A long, thoughtful and enjoyable discussion between Mark Devlin and Isaac Weishaupt

I haven't studied the evidence for Tavistock social engineering of the 80's/90's dance music scene, (one I heavily enjoyed and indulged in), but it did occur to me the other day that Ministry of Sound run by Baron James Palumbo, has that Tavistock wink in its moniker that we so often see, in events and movements that shape or more often degrade culture.

I'm old enough to have enjoyed Shoom in the late eighties but it does seem reasonable to assume that Danny Rampling may have discovered the music and it was subsequently picked up by the social engineers/drug culture peddlers later on, as MoS wasn't established for quite a few more years.

They could be connected or unconnected. 

Speculation is not Prediction.