Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Was Charles Manson A Programmed Multiple?

A quality presentation from Neil Sanders, apart from his inability to recognise that Andrew Breitbart tweeted about John Podesta's connection to sex trafficking years before the Pizzagate scandal. However, it's fair to say, Pizzagate has a lot of disinfo and deep state media manipulation about it.

One of my more adventurous hypothesis is that I occasionally see tell tale signs of AI or at least ERP-type software-management of critical media situations. We know it was used on 9/11 through PTEC and so we can hypothesize that a sophisticated level of software is used to manage a lot of moving parts, as well as add some level of insanity to the equation such as the so called PizzaGate shooter.

I'm also unclear why there's no mention, in this podcast, that Manson could easily have been a programmed multiple.