Friday, 28 July 2017

Anthony Scaramucci

I have no expectation that Trump will deliver on his promises of arresting Hillary, drawing down NATO and reducing conflict in the world through arresting U.S. aggression. However I take great satisfaction in watching the fake left convulse spasmodically with every action Trump takes. They have sided with the Neocons, CIA, FBI, Pentagon, Wall Street and the hated and toxic mainstream media just to be in opposition to his admittedly deceptive persona, and I think that's all that needs to be said about the superficiality and danger of contemporary left's psychology.

When Anthony Scaramucci was appointed Communications Director and Sean Spicer subsequently resigned I watched his first performance closely. Once again I have no faith in a Goldman Sachs parasite, but I was impressed with his energy and ability to bullshit convincingly with a fresh use of body language which seemed to leave the NLP automatons in contemporary politics looking extremely fake. 

Later on The Daily Show which has largely descended into the worst kind of political commentary came up with the second video of The Mooch copying Trump's gesticulations and I had to smile because it pretty much says they're both using a new type of visual language which separates them from the fingers interlinked emphasis of say Cameron and Blair. 

In this respect, the USA is well ahead of the game though I'm unsure if the point I'm making is understood. Maybe I don't have the best words.