Tuesday 6 June 2017

Is George Webb The Theatre Relations Arm of Mossad

George Webb

I stopped promoting George Webb's videos when it became obvious he was an intel asset with a questionable agenda. That doesn't mean his work isn't good, it often is (and sometimes isn't) but now he's been exposed as an Israeli asset or rather claims that he is according to Rebekah Roth, it's important to remind him that Zionism is an apartheid political ideology that steals land and genocides the locals.

As I understand it Hollywood has already expressed an interest in George Webb's work and so I can see the whitewash of Israeli crimes against humanity will be squeezed out with a movie where people kiss their children on the forehead before going abroad to kill other children.

Rebekah Roth has returned on great form and provides a lucid explanation of what is going on for people with an attention span longer than an hour.