Sunday 5 February 2017

3 Women (1977)

If you haven't watched Robert Altman's 3 Women by now you're missing out on a treat. It was made during that special time in the 70's when New York was decaying and Hip Hop was rising from the slums. Hollywood no longer makes movies like this as too many want to put their spoon in the soup, and scripts and ideas are destroyed. It's easier to make Part IV of an old movie than do authentic story telling.

I'm not so keen on Shelley Duval as an actress though she does play annoying women wonderfully (See The Shining for more on that). However if there was a time before I knew the moon landing was faked and I thought the Anglo American empire was a force for good, it's pretty much anything Sissy Spacek did during this time. If you're paying attention they were telling us something was rotten to the core. 

This is not occult information, it's in your face if you're paying attention. It is as it is.